About Us

We establish our global presence through business partners in various countries around the globe. Our core areas are distribution and system integration of auto-ID products of bar code, magnetic, smart card and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products for Office Automation, Industrial Automation, Banking Automation and Point of Sales Solution. Our core competency centre was setup to better serve the needs of the customers in pre-sales and post-sales support. The primary objective of the company is to offer customer complete barcode solutions with software customization which aim to assist our customers achieving optimum control over production, inventory and sales operations. With more than 10 years of experience in the auto-ID market, we are in the very good position to share our knowledge and provide efficient solution with customers and resellers.


Growth your business from the center of technology

Our Mission

Our target markets are those business operators seeking to benefit from technology. The industry today is supplied independently by software companies whose products are quite costly for small and medium sized users. Considering that the typical business operators that just want to involve themselves in business world, there are only a few companies that may then be considered large enough, with sufficient financial resources to pay for premium licensing of a software package.

There are a large percentage of the total Malaysia market would fall within the criteria of small and medium size. Our focus will be directed to these establishments that are prioritizing on cost efficiency and precise results.

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